Our Journey, Our Vision, Our Solution

Our Journey

Our journey is rooted in a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges of today and contribute to a sustainable future.

We’re leaders in water technology, creating precise and carefully crafted products. Whether it’s our 2-inch wonders for pools and agricultural water outlets or our adaptable technologies for different industries, Wateringa is changing the game in water management.

Our Solution

Wateringa is dedicated to tackling water challenges through advanced solutions. Our smart technologies and versatile systems cater to specific industries and various applications, emphasizing efficiency, sustainability, and environmental harmony. We aim to empower communities and industries with tools for optimized water usage, reduced environmental impact, and a resilient, water-secure future.

Our Vision

At Wateringa, we imagine a future where water is used wisely and sustainably. Our mission is to lead the way with innovative solutions that change how people interact with water, making sure it’s handled responsibly for generations to come.


Najmeh Tavana

CEO-head of technology development


Nahid Firoozi

Chief of financial officer


Zahra Naji

Director of Business Development


Hessamedin Hosseini

Chief Operating Officer


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