• Our product is the Water Descaling Machine. This device efficiently generates electricity from water flow in pipes by magnetizing the water and enhancing its physical properties. Notably, it reduces surface tension, increases water solubility, and activates dormant seeds.

  • With this device, the amount of water required for planting is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods.

  • Moreover, it serves as an independent source of electricity and provides high-quality water in areas that are distant from or lack access to the national power grid.

Why Choose Our Product?

  • Chemical-Free Solution: Our machines operate without the use of any chemical products, making them environmentally friendly due to the utilization of electromagnetic waves in the descaling procedure. Our method involves a complete physical reaction. Leveraging electromagnetic waves, our products function without the need for electricity pills and filters, ensuring they require minimal servicing and boast a very long lifetime.
  • Cost-Effective Service: Water Descaling Machines operate independently of city electricity, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, our machines, being free of chemical products, require no post-installation servicing.


  • Electromagnetic waves are changed regularly by magnets and the electronic board that utilizes Wateringa Water Descaling Machines’ piezoelectric feature. Because of that, the field that contains soluble salts, like ions in water, becomes little suspended crystals.
  • The association of these ingredients, specifically the nucleus of calcium carbonate (aragonite crystal), becomes suspended sediment in the water. Also, it has no cohesion; therefore, the sedimentation will stop. By increasing the solubility of water, previous sediments will dissolve in water and become suspended crystals.
  • It has the same usage for electricity generation from water, as well as for seed modification.


  • In this picture, you can see our company’s new product, which is made with a size of 2 inches.

  • This model is suitable for use in pools and water outlets on agricultural lands.

  • Wateringa is a new technology that can be produced in different sizes for a variety of industries.

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